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Posted: November 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

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  1. stevedel says:

    hey, I am wondering with reading how bad our water, our air, our diets, even our choices in lifestyle, how we have survived this long. Even my daughter number 2 says “you guys are so out of it, I don’t know how you are you have lived this long!”

    I want to hear about success with getting down to business with health!!!

  2. steve k says:

    Steve, got your VM i will call you when I am better. I have the flu. Good news i lost 8 pounds down to 157

  3. Peter Cohan says:

    One possibility: start your own home-based business. Makes the commute very easy (down the hall), you can (largely) set your own hours, and the lunch room is (generally) always available.

    Of course, if you work for yourself then you may have a fool for a boss…!

    Best Regards,

  4. Billy Vitello says:

    We lived this long because we’re survivors! A good man once said..” If you never get knocked down, you’ll never learn how to get back up “; and we’ve been knocked down plenty. Think these kidz need to get knocked down a little, especially Mine!

  5. stevedel says:

    The health and Wellness market is exploding. With the upcoming “Healty Workplace” bill in congress ready to be adopted, I se more and more businesses of all sizes ready to take advantage of the tax credits this bill will provide.

    Seems like the 1st 200 employees will get the company a $200 credit, while all others over 200 will get $100. Seems to me that providing a healthier workplace and having the government subsidize it for the next 10 years is a no brainer. Needless to say you will get increased productivity, a reducion in sick days used and a happier workforce!!

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