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Whole new ball game, part 2

Posted: October 2, 2010 in My New Life

Well after another two weeks of training, which was fantastic, and 2 weeks of working the floor, I have sold my 1st new and 1st used cars.  The physical work is harder than I anticipated, the selling is way more complex than I ever imagined and the rewards are really great in helping people get a new ride that they really need or want.

Working for Herb Chambers is extremely interesting since his philosophy is to leave no customer unhappy or disappointed. Just like solution selling!

I am putting 100% into this new discipline and hope to be successful over time.  And only time will tell!  Later.


Well my “new” career to sell automobiles has still not started. Last week I was supposed to start Monday for Ira Toyota, but like the previous 2 weeks, that didn’t happen.
I now made a commitment to start Monday (I hope) for Herb Chambers Ford in Westborough, MA. They are rated the 3rd best company to work for in Massachusetts as compiled by Bostons’ Best 100. Let’s hope.